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Bring it on Bring it on

When the out takes at the end of the film out shine the film we know the experience, as in Bring it On, has little to offer.

Director, Peyton Reed does bring some excitement to the screen in the last segment, when the cheer teams compete.  The stunts and acrobatics performed in the final contest show the strength, agility and determination of those who compete in these events.

Beyond the final contest and the knocks in the head Torrance Shipman's (Kirsten Dunst) brother takes, with a sound track that sounds like it came from The Three Stooges, Bring it On is a hollow showcase with little depth for the performers, unless we count the slapstick antics of the football team.

Shipman has been chosen to be the team captain.  She must continue the winning ways of the Toro's road to glory.  She quickly discovers that all the routines that have been winners were stolen by Big Red (Lindsay Sloane), the former captain.  After seeing the Clovers, a hip hop squad from East Compton lead by Isis (Gabrielle Union) using the same cheers, she changes all the routines.  The Clovers on the other hand have a bigger problem, they may be good but don't have the money to travel to Florida to compete in the nationals.

Dunst is a sweet, understanding product of the suburbs; Union has an edge from the central city.  The guys on the cheer team are considered gay and one proves the theory near the end. Shipman's boy friend at college is sleeping with others and the sweet boy next door (Jesse Bradford) is ignored until the climax.  Missy, his sister (Eliza Dushku), is a gymnast who lowers her standards and joins the squad in time to shake it up.

With no attempt to give credit to the dedicated conditioning and work these cheerleader kids do, the story simply flashes, bumps and winks about sexual situations and ideas.

I found little to offer in Bring it On, however the twenty four or so cheerleaders who I saw this with thought it was great.  I guess it works for its target audience.

Bring it on

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