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Edward Furlong and Frank Langella

Rated: R for language and violence.
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: April 22, 1994 Released by: Triumph Films

Edward Furlong (T2), plays Michael, a lonely 16-year-old who sub merges himself into computer games. He spends his spare time in his dark bedroom surrounded by loud rock music and high-tech computer gadgets.

His father travels for his fob and his mother died in an auto accident that lefty the boy with a limp. He has one best friend who shares in his passion for horror movies and games, and tells him about the ultimate scary computer game, Brainscan.

Once ordered, the game comes in four parts and if you complete it within the allotted time, another shows up in the mail, whether you want it or not.

Part one involves Michael in a murder in which he sees the crime through the eyes of the murderer. When he finishes the game and awakens from a trancelike sleep, he discovers that a clue from the murder is hidden in his bedroom.

Michael, scared that he might have really committed the grisly crime while unconscious, wants to stop playing the game, but the creepy game logo, "Trickster" (C. Ryder Smith) comes alive through the screen and tells him that he has to continue with the next phase because he left a witness to his crime.

Trickster, who looks like a rock musician gone mad (sunken eyes, nose ring and a mass of clown-red hair) bounces around Michael's room trying to convince him that he has to go on to cover his tracks before the police lieutenant (played by Frank Langella of "Dracula," sporting a short, military style haircut) finds him out.

Furlong is very good as Michael, shy with eyes averted when talking to humans, but animated and in his realm while relating to his machines.

The special effects are good. There's a limited amount of gore, in fact some of the murders are performed off-screen and the story is quite interesting. Given that, and the fact that Langella is one of my favorite actors, this is a pretty good little horror film.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Brainscan     C+                     C+ 

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