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Boys and Girls Boys and Girls

Let me begin by stating that the target audience for this film is 12 to 17 years old and female.  If you go to the theater with this in mind, you will find Boys and Girls to be a very pleasant and familiar film regardless of gender or age.

Boys and Girls stars Freddie Prinze Jr. (recently in She's All That) as Ryan and Claire Forlani (recently in Meet Joe Black) as Jennifer who become enemies / friends and lovers in what can only be viewed as an updated teen version of When Harry Met Sally.

The film begins with an interesting twist as Ryan and Jennifer meet on an airplane at an early age and take an immediate dislike to each other.  Their initial meeting shows the strong wills these two, just turned teen, have and when Jennifer calls Ryan "Ugly", his ego is crushed and the scene ends.  Soon these two cross paths at a high school sports event and this conflict goes again to name calling when Jennifer calls Ryan "Dumb".  At this point you can see the beginning of an attraction between the pair but Ryan refrains from involvement.

Now we move to the University of California, Berkeley.  Here we find an almost geeky Ryan as an engineering student who feels that his relationships can be planned as neatly as a set of blue prints.  UC Berkeley is also home to Jennifer who is majoring in Latin.  Jennifer is even more of a free spirit looking to enjoy life and her sexuality.  It is here that Ryan and Jennifer become "friends" and begin to trust each other.  It is here that the relationship changes.

I can not go further without destroying what is a very predictable and anticipated ending that still has a couple of nice twists provided by the supporting cast of Amanda Detmer (recently in Final Destination) as Jennifer's odd and neurotic roommate and Jason Biggs (recently in American Pie) as Hunter / Steve who is Ryan's shy, insecure but adorable roommate who is in a perpetual state of reinvention of himself.

You will get to see some great scenery and even a little bit of San Francisco as the film was actually filmed at UC Berkeley and in the Bay area.  The best part is that you will see what is likely to be the next generation of leading men and women while they hone their craft.

Boys and Girls

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