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Boiler Room Boiler Room

The fast-talking, pressure-filled world of stock trading is explored in this engrossing drama.

Giovanni Ribisi (The Other Sister) plays Seth Davis, a young New Yorker running an illegal casino out of his apartment.  When his father, a judge (Ron Rifkin), finds out he is forced to close it down.

Used to making a lot of cash, Seth is enticed to join J. P. Marlin, a brokerage firm of questionable reputation.

Ben Affleck plays a small role as one of the bosses at the firm.  His one job is to periodically give the new recruits a pep talk.  Criticizing their suits, or chastising them for low trading, he is a combination of drill sergeant and angry parent, and one thing Seth doesn't need, is another angry parent.  Seth's father is continually disappointed in him.  Their scenes together, with the son looking for love and approval and the stern father withholding it, are some of the best.

The business of calling strangers from a list of potential investors and pressing them into spending big money on a gamble, is a fairly new subject and its edgy and interesting. Wall Street is the favorite film of the firm; the guys can recite its dialogue verbatim.

Ribisi is expressive and wonderful as Seth.  He can look young and innocent one minute and confident and full of himself, the next.

Seth's relationships with his co-workers, a girl he's getting to know (Nina Long) and his father are well written and involving.  The Boiler Room is a compelling story with a great cast.

Boiler Room

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