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Body Shots

Eight attractive twenty-somethings roaming Los Angeles on a Friday night looking for sexual action spend Saturday putting the pieces back together.  What appears to be a sensual ride, turns us into jurors who can't decide after seeing and hearing both sides who has stepped over the line.

Director Michael Cristofer uses some wispy sweeping background movement to allow a clear focus on his characters but never provides a clear journey for their needs.  Each claims to want only sex but we know it's not only Emma (Sybil Temchen) that wants stability and love.

Emma gets sex with Shawn (Brad Rowe) but ends up alone, Sara (Tara Reid) ends the night with Michael (Jerry O'Connell) in a night of sex which may not be consensual.   Jane (Amanda Peet) wakes up with Rick (Sean Patrick Flanery) who can't remember if he had sex or not.  Whitney (Emily Procter) ties up Trent (Ron Livingston) and has her way with him; he ends up sleeping in a gutter.

There are sensual scenes involving attractive bodies, but the angry twists which cause a knock down fight at the bar and the possibility of date rape drain away any thought of a pleasant series of love making adventures.

Except for Emma the social worker we come away from Body Shots not carrying about these self centered lost souls.  They are the negative product of a wealthy society.

It is rated R for nudity and sex.

Body Shots

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