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Blue Streak

Martin Lawrence stars in this action/comedy as a jewel thief with incredibly bad luck.

In a slickly produced opening, Miles (Lawrence) is captured by police during a heist, but not before he stashes the huge diamond he just stole.  He hides it in the duct work of a building under construction.

After a two year jail stint, he finds, much to his chagrin, that the building now houses the Los Angeles Police Department.

The only way Miles can get access to his diamond is by pretending to be a detective, so he has a phony badge and personnel file made up by his friendly forger and off he goes to retrieve his prize.

Lawrence is a very physical comic and he twists his body and face into strange and wonderful positions.  One scene has him disguised as a pizza delivery man with buck teeth, short pants and gyrating hips - the visual provides a good laugh before he even utters one word of dialogue.

The path to the jewel is not smooth, and to cover himself, miles has to get deeper involved in his role as robbery detective.  Things get more complicated and out-of-control when he meets up with some of his buddies that are amazed to find a fellow thief arresting them.

Lawrence is a competent comic actor and the story is one that we haven't seen before.

A surprising and welcomed aspect of this comedy is that the action sequences are exciting and expertly filmed. Blue Streak gives the audience a funny and thrilling ride.

It is rated PG-13 for violence and plentiful obscenities.

Blue Streak


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