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Blow Dry

Blow Dry

The British Hair Styling Competition is the setting for this British style comedy.

Natasha Richardson plays Shelley, a hairdresser who left her husband Phil (Alan Rickman) and son ten years earlier for another woman.

Shelley wants to patch things up with her ex, and would like them to compete as a family in the big show.  Phil is opposed to the whole idea, until he discovers that Shelley has a fatal illness.

Once he agrees to take part in the contest, Phil, who had once been a part of the glitz involved in competition, has to brush up on his hair styling tricks.  He and his twenty something son opened up a one chair barber shop after Shelley left, and he has to get back into his dazzling contest-mode.

The quaint little town that hosts the pageant is inundated with flamboyant stylists and their over-the-top models.  They tease, braid and snip with drama.  The stylists, adorned with feathers and sequins, out shine their own outlandish creations.

The show, which is hosted by a William Shatner look-alike, is both tacky and fun.  The hairdressers take themselves very seriously and they'll do anything to win, including cheating and even resorting to using dead bodies from the morgue to experiment new hair color on.

Richardson and Rickman are fine actors, but not quite right for this lighthearted script.  The film is played for laughs, but there's just not enough of them.

Blow Dry

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