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Blank Check

Blank Check
Brian Bonsall, Karen Duffy, Miguel Ferrer, Tone Loc, Michael Lerner and James Rebhorn

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: February 11, 1994 Released by: Walt Disney Pictures

What would you do with a million dollars? How many times has that question been asked. Eleven-year-old Preston Waters (Brian Bonsall) finds out when he is handed a blank check. Preston uses his computer and some dumb luck to buy a house and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of expensive toys and computers.

His purchasing binges and playful days with the toys will bring glee to the younger members of the audience. Hi relationship with a glamorous FBI agent (Karen Duffy) will bring squeals of excitement.

Bonsall carries the entire film, for a young actor he is a very mature performer. He played Andrew on Family Ties and has a reoccurring role as Alexander the Klingon son of Worf on Star Trek The Next Generation.

The joy of his spending spree leads to some flat, dull scenes when the bad guys dominate the film. All turns out right as one would expect from a Disney film and there is a little room to stress family values and children's need for caring, attentive parents. The firs half is fun and the second is just okay.

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Blank Check  B-                        B- 

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