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Black Knight

Black Knight

Martin Lawrence plays Jamal Walker, a low-level worker at a Los Angeles medieval theme park.
One day while leaning over the edge of a moat that surrounds the park attempting to pick up a shiny object in the dirty water, he falls in and is transported back in time.

He ends up in 1328 England and Jamal thinks he's just at a bigger and better amusement park rather than being smack dab in the middle of the real thing.

As a man who is out of his element, there's plenty to make fun of, and Martin, who portrays this football jersey-clad dude, is especially good.  His hip-hop, smart aleck attitude is just right.

Being thrust into the Middle Ages with dirt floors, no plumbing and sword fights could be an unbearable situation, but Jamal makes the best of it, especially, when he meets up with a beautiful concubine (Marsha Thomason), whom he tries to sell on the idea of wearing a thong.

In one of the funniest scenes Jamal is ordered by the King (Kevin Conway) to dance for the court's entertainment.  He whispers a few directions to the musicians who begin playing Sly and the Family Stone's "Dance to the Music" and everyone takes to the dance floor to shimmy along with Jamal.  It reminded me of the clever dance scene in A Knight's Tale.

Martin is a funny guy and there are a few good laughs here, just not enough to hold us for the entire movie.

Black Knight

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