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Black Dog

Breaker, breaker, good buddy, get me away from this movie!

What could be worse than a film about truckers that takes itself too seriously and doesn't even have Burt Reynolds in it?  Not much!

Patrick Swayze plays a long-haul truck driver who recently got out of prison for vehicular homicide.  He wants to rebuild his life with his wife and daughter, but he's forced to take a job driving a load of illegal guns to save his home from foreclosure.

Along for the ride is county singer Randy Travis as a would-be song writer and Meat Loaf as a good ole boy who quotes the Bible while trying to hijack the guns for himself.

There's plenty of explosions and crushing steel as the big rigs try to force one another off the road.  None of it is very exciting and the camera, which appears to be strapped to the front of the cab, makes the action shots shaky and blurry.

The dialogue is silly and the acting is over the top, although Swayze strives to appear earnest at all times.

The title Black Dog refers to the legend of a spirit dog that shows up each time a trucker is about to have a bad accident.  Too bad the spirit didn't pay a visit to the producers before they went ahead and made this movie.

Black Dog


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