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Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

As Jeff Goldblum in Into The Night, Ben Chaplin's John Buckingham is overwhelmed by a stunning sexy girl.  It was Michelle Pfeiffer who lead Goldblum around in a dangerous world, here a very alluring Nicole Kidman is the Birthday Girl who comes from Russia with love for the lonely John Buckingham.

Kidman's Nadia deceptively arrives with no skill in English except to say she is a birthday girl.  Buckingham wants to return her to Russia but the agency he contracted with doesn't answer his calls.  Nadia who apparently wishes to stay performs sex acts for him obviously hoping to change his mind.

But the frightened meek bank clerk is facing far more than just language differences.  Suddenly two of her male Russian friends appear at his door and decide to stay.  From that point the comic nature of the film turns and Buckingham finds he is in the hands of dangerous Russian thugs and he must act significantly out of character to save Nadia.  But does Nadia want to be saved?

Chaplin's mousy clerk grows on us as well as the deceiving Nadia, but as the film ends we realize it had far more potential at the start than is delivered.  Even Kidman's innocent but sexy performance is ultimately un-satisfying.

Birthday Girl

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