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Biker Boyz

Biker Boyz

The opening glimpses into the subculture of motorcyclists in Southern California has some allure in Biker Boyz with a rotating camera taken with a tatoo on a black woman that says, "Can you ride this?"  As she passes by some nifty two-wheelers, Reggie Rock Bythewood's movie would seem ready to rev up.  Unfortunately, it stalls out consistently when it races and/or goes for drama.

The cast looks very capable with Laurence Fishburne and Derek Luke leading the way for a film with the potential to cross-over the urban demographic.  But, Fishburne as Smoke, president of the Black Knights and Luke as Kid, who forms the Biker Boyz cycle gang, have no chance to save a soap-opera making a nod to the Old West set to a rap soundtrack.

As the extreme riding gives off some sparks with little excitement between the sets, Biker Boyz feels less comfortable than a game of impresario done in a wheelchair.  The gangs have time for charity works in a bike wash that brings out bikinis and a tight bathing suit.  It's more grabbing than Kid and Smoke going at it, finally with their motorcycles without nitrous-oxide, at a ranch, that tries to pull a wheelie like the "fastest gun in the west."  As Kid Rock's Dogg voice-over of the difference between men and boys is mentioned again, the lesson that the film makers learn is how to make a drag instead of a street-smart, dramatic burning into the soul of The Fast and the Furious.

Biker Boyz

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