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Big Momma's House Big Momma's House

Acting in drag must be difficult enough, but Martin Lawrence must contend not only with heels, makeup and wigs, but also pounds of padding to turn himself into the 350 pound Big Mama.

Lawrence stars as Malcolm, an FBI agent whose specialty is disguises.  A dangerous bank robber escapes from jail and heads for his ex-girlfriend Sherry's (Nina Long - The Best Man) house.  When Sherry learns of his escape, she takes her son and heads for her Big Mama's house in Georgia.

Malcolm and his partner set up surveillance in the house across the street and when Big Mama leaves for a few days, Malcolm goes undercover as the huge woman.

The FBI thinks that Sherry was involved in the robbery at the bank where she worked as a loan officer and that she's hiding the two million dollar haul, and they expect her to confide in her grandmother.

Although Sherry hadn't seen her grandma in a long time and might not recognize the change in her appearance, you're supposed to also believe that Big Mama's friends and boyfriend can't tell the difference between Malcolm's look alike and the real thing.  I guess in a comedy the audience is expected to believe anything.

Speaking of comedy, there's a lot to laugh at watching Lawrence cavort around as Big Mama at the neighborhood basketball hoop and at the local gym where she takes karate lessons.  Although, the movement is that of a younger, leaner body, watching Big Mama in action is funny stuff.

Malcolm and Sherry have a few nice moments together which is an attempt to make up for the cruder bodily function gags that seem to be a part of every comedy script lately.

Lawrence and Long are likeable actors and there are enough laughs to make Big Mama's House a hit with both youngsters and adults alike.

Big Momma's House

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