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Big Fat Liar

Big Fat Liar

Frankie Muniz (TV's "Malcolm In The Middle") stars as Jason Shepherd, a Michigan 14 year old who lies at the drop of a hat.

He has to write a make-up-paper in order to pass the eighth grade, so in a few hours he knocks out "Big Fat Liar", an imaginative, funny story.

On his way to deliver the paper to his teacher, Jason collides with a limo carrying Marty Wolf (Paul Giamatti), a visiting, obnoxious Hollywood producer.  He grudgingly gives the kid a ride, but when Jason rushes from the car to his classroom he leaves his manuscript behind.  Wolf, who hasn't had a hit in a while, steals it and produces his next movie around the script.

Before we know it, Jason sees an ad touting the upcoming film as the next big hit, and when he tells his family that it's his story, they think he's just telling another whopper.

While his parents are away, Jason persuades his cute friend Kaylee (Amanda Bynes) to go to Hollywood with him to force Wolf to own up to the fact that he wrote the script and clear him with his dad.  All he wants is to have his family's trust back.

The kids' adventure begins with a studio tour and a night in a movie prop warehouse which is chuck full of all kinds of cool memorabilia allowing the two kids to vamp about using movie props and wearing great costumes.

When Wolf stubbornly refuses to cop to the theft, Jason's elaborate payback plan is put into motion.  With the help of Wolf's associates - all of whom have been belittled, yelled at or insulted at one time or another - Jason goes about his revenge.

From the fired chauffeur to the past-his-prime stuntman (Lee Majors), anyone who had the misfortune of crossing the blustery buffoon's path, is eager to help bring him down.

The kids are energetic and cute, without being typical "Hollywood" types.  But, the real star is Giamatti, who plays his part to perfection.  Big Fat Liar is, without having to resort to bathroom humor, a lot of clean fun.

Big Fat Liar

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