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The Big Bounce
The Big Bounce
Starring Owen Wilson, Sara Foster, Morgan Freeman,
Charlie Sheen, Gary Sinise, Bebe Neuwirth

Writer Elmore Leonard's crime caper is filled with witty dialogue and goofy characters.

Jack Ryan (Owen Wilson) is a small time crook who subsidizes his latest low paying job by breaking into homes and stealing anything he can get his hands on.

He just got out of jail, however life isn't all bad, he lives in beautiful Hawaii, and he's caught the eye of Nancy (Sara Foster), a sexy blond in a yellow bikini.

She's dangerous though as she's the girlfriend of Ray Ritchie (Gary Sinese) the local bad guy, and she wants Jack to help steal Ray's money. Because Jack has more curly, blond hair than brains, he agrees.

Morgan Freeman co-stars as a local district judge who also runs a beach bungalow, Babe Neuwirth plays Ritchie's wife and Charlie Sheen is his henchman.

The characters are quirky and Wilson's easy, breezy style is very engaging, however the plot never really comes together. All the makings of a good caper film are here, but the thing I remember most is the great scenery, and that's not a good thing!

The Big Bounce

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