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Best Man Holiday

Best Man Holiday
Nia Long, Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall

Rated: R for language, sexual content and brief nudity.
Reviewed by: Nina  
Release date: November 15, 2013 Released by: Universal Studios, Inc.

I'm skeptical when I hear about sequels to good movies, is it going to be a continuation of the first movie or just the same story told again 10 years later? Not so with this movie, Best Man Holiday. They've taken the story lines and expanded them in range and feeling for all the characters involved. It's filled with all the characters we love and some new ones to include.

We see a maturing and awakening of why these people are friends for life when the very adult and emotional situations they find themselves in force them to grow. Yes, there is more - immature comedy situations (the guys have a monkey claw fight); a ghetto girl fight (name-calling, hair-pulling, bitch-slapping scuffle); envy, joy, pain and forgiveness - all the situations that are real and relative and help you look to find situations in your own life that match them.

Taye Diggs is back as Harper Stewart, down on his luck after a successful book. He is excellent in this role, bringing his wide range of emotions and comedy, seeming to make both appropriate at the right time for his character. He and his wife Robyn, played by lovely Sanaa Latham, have to deal with feelings of resentment and the stress of a new baby, all at the same time. Morris Chestnut is on fire (Can we talk about those abs?), and has grown as an actor I think and his emotions are believable and heartfelt.

All the actors lend their expertise to their roles, Terrance Howard is very watchable and super funny and opens the door wide for another chapter in their lives as we find out at the end that he's getting married . . . but to whom?

I love the Christmas theme of this movie, the thought that these people come together as a family, warts and all, to celebrate and gather around one of their own at the end of life and the beginning of another. Oh yea, there will be crying.

I like these movies as a vehicle for all of our favorite actors to play together, each giving a bit of themselves to the overall completeness of the movie. The feelings, joys and sorrows, low punches and serious apologies – their finding their way back to each other makes for a feel good movie. Even though you may be sad, overall you feel uplifted and inspired to make sure someone you love knows that they are someone you love.

Bring tissues, like I said there will be crying but there will also be singing, joy and your resolve to show, give and receive love this holiday season.

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