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Being Evel

Being Evel

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Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: September 18, 2015 Released by: Gravitas Ventures

In the documentary Being Evel "the last gladiator" from Butte, Montana is traced as one Robert Craig Knievel was a master showman and lunatic for gravity-defying acts with 75 motorcycle ramp jumps from being a stuntman.

In Being Evel with appearances by George Hamilton and Frank Gifford as well as producer and narration by producer Johnny Knoxville (Jackass) there is more footage on how Knievel broke 433 bones in his body (the most listed in Guinness World Records). Daniel Junge, an acclaimed auteur, goes beyond the myth in fairly fast and furious fashion to look at a man beset by alcohol from a rough coal-mining background. He's recognized with his cape and red-white-blue jumpsuit as the egoism goes full bore in making you wince and laugh especially from the attempt to jump the fountains at Las Vegas's Caesar's Palace.

An outsized persona has a broader cultural influence with Junge displays as well as the impact on the love affair with the crash-and-burn and extreme sports-fueled craze that would touch folks like Tony Hawk. This fly-on-the-wall wildly entertaining cinema shows many talking heads -many of whom resented this crazed celebrity who attempted to ride a rocket-powered missile across Idaho's Snake River Canyon, including former wife Linda.

  Frank Chris Jim Dave Nina Dayra Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Being Evel        B+                     B+ 

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