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Beethoven's 2nd

Beethoven's 2nd
Debi Masur, Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: December 17, 1993 Released by: Universal Studios, Inc.

Love is in the air for that overgrown drooling ball of fur, Beethoven. On a stroll through the park he meets Missy, a smaller, more petite version of himself, and it's love at first sight. But, there's one thing keeping them apart - a money-hungry meanie, Regina, played by Debi Masur (L.A. Law) who is holding Missy hostage to get a bigger settlement in her divorce case.

However, love finds a way, the dogs get together and have four adorable, fat little pups.

Charles Grodin, the quintessential flustered dad and Bonnie Hunt, his patient wife, return as the likable Newtons.

The eldest daughter is experiencing her first kiss and first dating disappointment and her younger brother, who's the shortest in his class, has to deal with the embarrassment of his team choosing a girl instead of him for a school softball game. The youngest daughter isn't given a storyline, all she has to do is look cute and smile a lot, which she handles quite nicely.

The main story is about the Saint Bernard puppies. The Newton kids take them after hearing that Regina plans to have them drowned. But, once she find out that she could sell them to a pet store for big bucks, she schemes to steal them back.

There are some clever scenes where the camera follows the dogs at their level and Beethoven's dreams are acted out. There's even a love song written for the courting dogs, sung by Dolly Parton no less.

Beethoven's 2nd has all the elements of a first-rate family picture. Funny situations involving a nice family, cute, cuddly animals that are sometimes out of control and a villain who gets it in the end.

Both adults and kids will have a really good time watching the antics. It looks like we'll have to make way for Beethoven's Third.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Beethoven's 2nd     B                     B 

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