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Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories
Adam Sandler, Cortney Cox and Keri Russell

Rated: PG for some mild rude humor and mild language
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: December 25, 2008 Released by: Walt Disney Pictures

Once Adam Sandler became a father, he said he wanted to make a film that his children could see and enjoy. The good news is his new Walt Disney comedy is one that adults can also enjoy.

He plays Skeeter, a good-natured maintenance man at a hotel that his father had once owned. He was promised the management job by his dad's partner, but he trudges along fixing broken plumbing and TV sets, waiting for his turn.

Courtey Cox plays his divorced sister Wendy. She has two cute kids and asks Skeeter to watch them while she goes out of state to job hunt for a few days. The fun begins when the bedtime stories he makes up each night magically come to life the next day. His stories star him as some type of hero that gets the girl in the end. He's a Western dude that saves the day, or a chariot racer in ancient Greece. But, when the kids add a little something to each story, Skeeter's next day life is more difficult and unsual.

One day gum balls drop out of the sky onto Skeeter's head, or they have him perform superhuman stunts, not all of which ends up well.

Pretty Keri Russell plays Sandler's love interest, and Guy Pearce, looking very thin, is his hotel manager rival.

Sandler tones down his usual over-the-top childishness, and under Adam Shankman's direction, he allows the child actors to act like kids.

The action is kid friendly and the cute story should appeal to adults as well as youngsters.

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