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Bedazzled Bedazzled

Prepare for a devilish good time while watching a great combination of slapstick humor and spectacular beauty.  Bedazzled starring Elizabeth Hurley and Brendan Fraiser delivers a remake of the 1967 British film of the same name.

The story revolves around a very shy corporate help desk operator (Fraiser) and the devil him...uhhh...herself (Hurley).  Always the dreamer and hanger on, Fraiser strikes a deal with the devil for seven wishes.  Hurley is sexy, provocative and plotting as she grants wish after wish for Fraiser, all with less than perfect results.  It is Hurley's sensuality you will remember most and Fraiser's comic timing and physical humor are superb.

From drug lord to professional basketball star to the most gentle and understanding man in the world, Fraiser learns that one has to be himself to truly be loved.  Hurley on the other hand shows that you must give the devil her due when it comes to contracts and only by extreme good fortune does Fraiser escape the fires of Hell.

If you are in the mood for some hot costumes, a decent script and both physical and traditional humor, go see Bedazzled.  To see Hurley in all her splendor on a 20 foot screen seems almost evil.


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