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Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct begins where Looking For Mr. Goodbar ended.  A wealthy playboy, while at the point of sexual climax, is punctured to death by an ice pick in the hands of his wild blond sex partner.

Detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) is assigned to investigate and immediately suspects Catherine Tramel (Sharon Stone), a fast-living novelist whose fictional murders have a way of coming true.  For some reason which is not particularly obvious, Catherine has the ability to draw normally stable men into mind games, which set them bumbling and fumbling.  For Nick, it becomes a wild passion-filled sex ride.  He moves from Catherine to police psychologist Dr. Beth Garner (Jeanne Treppleborn), with whom he also has sex.  The other woman in the story is Roxy (Leilani Sarelle), Catherine's live-in lover.  Nobody worries about AIDS in this film.

With the characters and the brutal murder, enough material is available for a good, sexy murder-mystery.  But, in the hands of director Paul Verhoeven, it is nothing but five long sexual encounters with filler between. The performances are hollow and at times silly.  The plot is obvious despite a few twists.  Douglas yells his lines and Stone does little more than take off her clothes and fake orgasms.  It is an obvious attempt to carry a main stream film sexually further than in the past.  It may work, people may be drawn to the explicit scenes.  If that's what you are looking for, okay, but don't expect anything else.

It is rated R for sex and violence.

Basic Instinct


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