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Joe Cooper (Trey Parker) and Doug Remer (Matt Stone) invent a game that is part baseball and part basketball and is played with a white basketball with red stitches (made by Spalding).  Baskets are worth bases and home runs are long shots.

The atmosphere is set by an early voice-over which describes the demise of games like baseball, football, basketball and hockey due to excessive salaries, violence and arrogant players.  The crowds have disappeared, but in Joe Cooper's mind he can remember Mr. October, the hero who he would love to emulate.

Joe and Doug have limited athletic ability, but, unlike most, these two are losers.  Neither has grown up; they just drink beer and hang loose.  Their future suddenly changes when they invent BASEketball as a game to be played in driveways and backyards.  It explodes in popularity and leagues are formed; eventually it becomes an important form of entertainment.  With Joe and Doug as part of the new league, the dangers which destroyed the other games are prohibited by the league charter.  Their success is eventually challenged by greed.

Academy Award-winner Ernest Borgnine plays a small role as the eccentric billionaire who funds the league and Robert Vaughn is the bad guy owner.  It's sad to see two seasoned, capable actors reduced to minor roles with limited range.

There won't be a rush to the cinemas for this one.  It's funny but it's dumb.

It is rated R for language.



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