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Bait Bait

Alvin Sanders (Jamie Foxx) doesn't know wha-s-up, after stealing a five pound bag of shrimp causes him to become the center of attention for Edgar Clenteen (David Morse) a U.S. Treasury agent.

Sanders is a small time crook who can't get it right.  His quick mouth is constantly shut by more powerful guys on the street and Clenteen's task force (which resemble Key Stone Cops) as they attempt to use Sanders as bait to capture a cunning killer-thief who has stolen 42 million in gold bars from the Federal Reserve in Manhattan.  Word is out that Sanders knows who the thief is.

Foxx brings his comic skills to Sanders who has been implanted with a listening device in his jaw allowing thug like Clenteen to watch his every move.  The bumbling script however, never slows enough to explain how two guys, even though one is a computer genius, were able to penetrate a federal reserve, lug gold bars through a sewer to a truck and, even more incredible, how one of them is able to hide it in plain site.

Sanders never questions a five thousand dollar check he receives from the feds under a so called wrongful imprisonment compensation fund for one day in jail, or his luck at having a bag of money fall at his feet on the street.  He just goes on his way wiggling and flashing so the killer can find him.

Foxx may be fun to watch, but don't be lured by the Bait.


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