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Bad News Bears Break Training

The Bears this time cut up and act up all the way to the Astrodome to play in the Little League Championship game.  The film will be enjoyed by all, particularly by kids the Bears' age.

After losing their new highly disciplined coach, the Bears convince their parents they are being coached by the park grass cutter so they can, on their own, go to Houston.

Off they go (in a "borrowed" van) with a thirteen year old driver, Jackey Earl Haley who plays Kelley.

Much of the tale is Kelley's relationship with his father (William Devane) who Kelley has not seen for eight years.  Their relationship grows as Devane, who lives in Houston, coaches the team for the championship game.  The father-son conflict is moving and reflective of many broken homes in America today.

How the boys travel from Los Angeles to Texas, rent hotel rooms and grow together as a team with Devane coaching is hilarious and heartwarming.  They are a team of kids who all the way to the game can't field or bat and whose new pitcher never comes near the plate with a delivery.  But, Devane's coaching and a little determination topped off by a plea from Tanner Boyle (Chris Barnes) urging, "Let's win this one for the Luper", (Lupis is a team member who has a broken leg) they arrive in the Astrodome.

The game itself is filled with heroics and viewers of all ages will be cheering as the Bears fight on, probably to Japan next year.

The Bad News Bears, the original underdogs, a full six months before Rocky, continue their winning performance in this sequel.

Kids will love the antics of the Bears.  Adults will enjoy the father-son relationship.  Everyone will enjoy the Bad News Bears Break Training.

Bad News Bears Break Training

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