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Bad Company

Bad Company

In the last two weeks we've seen two movies based on the same basis - terrorists getting a nuclear weapon to deploy on American soil.

While this may be timely, neither of these films treat this threat in real terms.  Currently, Bad Company tries the buddy film approach to defusing terrorism and ultimately fails.

We are forced to watch both actors (Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock) give performances which could have been done better with animated stick figures.  Rock is the street hustler / long lost twin brother of a CIA operative who is killed trying to set up a “buy” for a suitcase size bomb.  Convenient.  Hopkins is a CIA agent on Valium; or so it seems.

To say that there is no plot is being generous.  Add in the fact that Rock tries to deliver a very tuned down version of his humor and Hopkins is completely out of character and you have an almost complete waste of time.  The only saving grace (if you can call it that) is the usual testosterone injection by producer Jerry Bruckheimer with tons of action: car chases, gun fights, hand to hand combat and blood.  The typical check your brain at the door kind of movie Bruckheimer is noted for.

When and if you see this film I know you'll be as disappointed as I; in fact I went twice just to make sure I did not miss something the first time or perhaps was in a bad mood the first time.  I like Hopkins and Rock, just not here.  In life there have been some great duos: Gibson & Glover, Shaq & Kolby, Pork & Beans, but you'll never hear Rock & Hopkins as one of them.

Remember, keep the soda cold and popcorn hot; you deserve at least that to watch this one.

Bad Company

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