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The Bachelor

The Bachelor is yet another in a series of remakes that falls short of the original. Seven Chances, made in 1925 as a silent movie and a comedy, stared Buster Keaton.  For a movie of the 20s this was a true comedy masterpiece.  The 90s version is just so-so.

The most remarkable statement about the movie I can make is that the supporting cast were better, significantly better than the star.  Chris O'Donnell of Batman & Robin fame delivers a flat performance as the commitment avoiding Jimmy, while his supporting cast seem to leap from the screen by comparison.

The movie is about , you guessed it, a bachelor who, in this case, is set to inherit $100 million dollars if he is married by his 30th birthday.  The untimely death of his grandfather occurs only 2 days before his 30th birthday and the race is on to get married.

In what can only be called an assumed relationship with Anne, played by Renee Zellweger, Jimmy delivers his unlikely proposal we've all seen in the ads of "You Win!".  As you might guess this is not received well.  Now the deadline for marriage looms and Jimmy frantically tries to find someone to marry.

Going through his list of past girlfriends, we are introduce to some wonderful characters like Mariah Carey as an opera singer who has the classic line of "All I can remember about you is that you looked pretty good with your shirt off...but so do I" and an unexpected appearance of Brook Shields as a money grubbing, chain smoking vamp who as the "terms" of the marriage are explained lights cigarette after cigarette and physically cringes in fear/loathing.  This is by far the best part of the movie.  Ultimately she bails out of getting married.

There are also appearances by Ed Asner and Hal Holbrook as some very active friends of the deceased grandfather;  Maree Cheatham and Nicholas Pryor as Jimmy's very in love parents and a solid showing by James Cromwell as an "on call" priest.

As you might guess, Anne and Jimmy end up together in a truly expected conclusion.

If you get the opportunity to see the original of Seven Chances, do so.  It is a great film and captures a more innocent time and does a better job of entertaining.  As for The Bachelor, it is a better investment to wait and rent it.

The Bachelor


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