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Baby Sitters Club

Baby Sitters Club
Schuyler Fisk, Rachael Leigh Cook, Bre Blair, Tricia Joe, Larisa Oleynik, Peter Horton, Brook Adams and Ellen Burstyn

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: August 18, 1995 Released by: Columbia Pictures

There is nothing new in The Baby Sitters Club and there is nothing wrong with this simple little film about seven young girls, most of whom are about to turn 13.

Each lives in comfort in a wealthy New England suburb. They are bright, happy kids and they are good friends. I guess they are the Secaucus Seven of early teens. Their baby sitting club is well organized and the seven all participate, making it easy for the parents in Stoneybrook to secure quality child care by calling one phone number.

Their secure happy live and friendships are challenged by an errant parent, boyfriends, exams and nasty peers. Kristy (Schuyler Fisk) is the club founder and a tomboy who loves sports; she even coaches little kids. Her parents are divorced. When her dad (Peter Horton) comes back looking for a new job, he tells her not to tell anyone he's back, particularly her mother (Brook Adams). To spend time with her dad, Kristy misses club meetings and deadlines for the club. Mary Anne (Rachael Leigh Cook) learns Kristy's secret and swears to keep it. That places Mary Anne and Kristy on the outs with the other five members.

Stacey (Bre Blair) is very fashionable and looks older than she is. She wants to be very sophisticated and gets into difficulty when an older guy shows interest and she doesn't tell her age or that she has diabetes. Claudia (Tricia Joe) is not good at science and must pass her summer make-up class or quit the club.

Ms. Habernan (Ellen Burstyn) is the next door neighbor who doesn't like the chaos of the summer baby sitting club next door. She is handled by Dawn (Larisa Oleynik) because of their love of nature and gardening.

The problems are not monumental nor is the film, but I'm interested enough to wonder what the seven will be doing in five years.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Baby Sitters Club  C+                        C+ 

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