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Henry Jaglom's new film, Babyfever, offers us a revealing look at the many views of women regarding their biological clocks and the prospect of a future with or without children.

The main character, Gena (played by Victoria Foyt, wife of the film's Director Henry Jaglom) feels safe with her doting partner James (played by Matt Salinger) and toys with the idea of making a lifetime commitment to him.  Yet, she still has nagging doubts.  These unresolved feelings come to a head when she attends the baby shower of a coworker along with her best friend who is married and happily pregnant with her second child.  Gena is gradually reduced to mumbling that oft heard question most of us resort to at times... "Will I ever...?"  For Gena, of course, this question concerns the probability of marriage and children.

The film did a nice job at presenting the issues faced by today's women and the choices and trade-offs we all make.  It presents the predicament of those yearning for a child while finding themselves without the "right" relationship, the consideration of single parenting and the quest for a husband and father - not just another date for Saturday night.  As Kelly, one of the women with babyfever expressed, "People call me up and want to go to dinner.  I've gone to dinner for years and it's done me no good.  I need to have a child."

I enjoyed the central story of Gena and her struggle to recognize her romantic and maternal wishes.  This storyline was interrupted, however, by the endless musings of women interviewed at the baby shower on the subject of babyfever.  This section was often amusing but overdone and much too sentimental for my taste.

Victoria Foyt is quite good as Gena but I found her character difficult to endure at times because of her angst.  Zack Norman who plays Gena's financially troubled boss is hilarious and manages to lighten things up quite a bit.



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