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Autumn in New York Autumn in New York

While watching this Richard Gere/Winona Ryder soaper, I couldn't help wonder how two great looking, charismatic actors on their own, could be so boring together.

Gere plays a womanizing 48 year old restauranteur.  He meets Charlotte (Ryder) who is celebrating her 22nd birthday in his restaurant with a few friends and her grandmother (Elaine Stritch, once more playing a hard drinking, bitter old woman).

The age difference is discussed quite a bit and to add to the strangeness of their relationship, he had dated Charlotte's mother before her marriage.

On their first date, Gere tells Charlotte that there's no future for them; but since she has an incurable disease, he doesn't have to worry.  For once this self-absorbed man might have to think about someone else, not himself.

I expected to see a sweet little romantic romp, instead there was an irresponsible, immature grown up, running away from commitment, and doing everything he could to sabotage their affair.

I figured out why the title is Autumn in New York - what is most interesting in the film is the New York scenery, which is breathtaking.

The opening sequence of Gere in his busy restaurant kitchen, tasting food, talking with chefs and later mingling with diners, was a promising, appealing opening.  Unfortunately, once he meets Charlotte, things go down hill; the two just don't click!

Autumn in New York

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