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Audrey Rose

Audrey Rose is a better film than the crop of cheap thrillers which have hit the local screens as of late.  It does not present a bloody, violent specter.  On the contrary, it is a fairly serious drama.

Ivy Templeton, the daughter of Marsha Mason and John Beck, lives in a fashionable apartment in New York.  The Templetons are a happy, well-adjusted family with only one problem.  During the month of her birthday, Ivy dreams of a disturbing, burning automobile accident.

On a cold rainy fall day a strange man is seen following Ivy to and from school.  The stranger, played by Anthony Hopkins, believes Ivy to be his reincarnated daughter who was killed in an automobile accident eleven years before.  Ivy's parents reject Hopkins' theory and protect their daughter from seeing him.  But, the dream becomes stronger and during a crisis, Hopkins helps to calm the little girl.

From that point on, Ivy balances between herself and Audrey Rose.

The film moves slowly, more like a play than a movie.  However, effective use of rain, wind and flashes of lightning step up the pace as Audrey Rose struggles in Ivy's body at night.  The crisis is resolved at the end of the film.

Performances are acceptable, scenes are set well, but there is probably not enough action for a successful film.

Audrey Rose

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