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Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne, Columbus Short, Jean Reno, Skeet Utrich and Fred Ward

Rated: PG-13 
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: December 4, 2009 Released by: Sony Pictures

Armored is nothing new but once the slide into disaster begins it demands our attention.

The backgrounds of these armored car drivers are not important except for Columbus Short's Ty Hackett who is just back from Iraq, with responsibility for his teenage brother who has problems growing up. That relationship will add to the pressure on the unsophisticated guards who turn to robbery for a secure future.

With a premise quite like A Simple Plan from 1998 and Trespass in 1992 a group of "good guys" decide there is a simple way to get rich. But once the plan has been put into motion there is no turning back. The members of the gang slowly realize they are in a slide to disaster, but the leaders Dillon and a violent Fishburne refuse to accept that the gig is up and continue to dig the hole they have placed themselves in deeper and deeper. One problem leads to another and by the time some of the group are ready to give it up it's too late.

The battle which erupts consumes the energy of the film and forces us to take a mentally weighted side even when we know that hope for salvation or just survival has little chance of success. As the firefighters in Trespass the one remaining wish is, that everything could go back to before this faithful plan was put in effect.

Director Nimrod Antal uses no special effects but uses events like crashes of vehicles effectively enough to be the background in which the characters must attempt to secure a richer life. It eventually becomes a struggle to survive. The action is sufficiently tense and edgy to keep our attention, It reaches just above above reality but never so far that we can sit back believing this could never happen. It could happen and the consequences of this ill conceived robbery are devastating to average guys who weren't satisfied to just make a good salary and be safe at home.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Armored  B   C   C-                  C+ 

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