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Antz, is much more Saturday Night than Saturday morning.

The fully computer animated feature follows the adventure of Z (Woody Allen), a simple worker ant who is tried of moving dirt all day.  He trades places with Weaver (Sylvester Stallone), a soldier ant, to find adventure.  He discovers that the soldier ants are being sent to fight termites by General Mandible (Gene Hackman) and that Mandible is planning to mate with Princess Bala (Sharon Stone) and create a new colony what he will lead.  Z, who met the Princess while she was slumming at a disco, becomes a war hero when he is the only soldier to return from battle.

The Princess and Z are joined by Weaver and Azteca (Jennifer Lopez) in a quest for a different society where members are not cast into lifetime roles while they are just young maggots.  They all search for Insectopia, a place near the great monolith.

Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin are teamed as wasps both in insect style and social upper crust.

The screenplay dominates the delightful animation.  Weaver is a powerful insect with a child like heart and Z is the clever wordy narrator who tells the story.

Kids may enjoy the beauty of the animation, even the little maggots who are cute and cuddly, but the script will fly far above their level of understanding.  Z suggests that rather than attacking the termites the ants might attempt to make campaign contributions and get them to change their policies.  The battles, tunnels, the monolith, and the city beyond are state of the art animation and the running human child with Z stuck to the bottom of his sneaker is a masterpiece.

Antz is a brilliant work but it may have difficulty finding its place.



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