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Ripped from today's headlines, AntiTrust offers very little in the form of groundbreaking effects, script or plot.  Aimed at teen girls and the geeks of the world, AntiTrust follows the standard Hollywood plot of making a pact with the Devil only to be surprised that he (she) is the Devil.

Our film opens with Milo (Ryan Phillippe of The Way of the Gun) as a computer genius getting ready to graduate college.  Along with his idealistic friends, he plans to be part of a “start-up” company when he is offered a dream position by what has been viewed in his past as the enemy, NURV.  The possibility of working for the preeminent technology company in the world is tempting.  Coaxing Milo along is his girlfriend Alice (Claire Forlani recently of Meet Joe Black) who delivers a very good performance in spite of a shallow script.  It is Alice who ultimately “helps” Milo decide.

Befriended by Gary Winston, the head of NURV (played by Tim Robbins), Milo becomes suspicious as to the operations of the company.  Enter into the mix a rare to find vixen / programmer, Lisa (Rachael Leigh Cook of She’s All That), to “assist” Milo in his attempts to document his discoveries.  The discovery of damning evidence starts off as almost childish pranks, but soon turns deadly as Milo becomes a bigger liability than an asset to this huge company.

The Devil shows himself as Alice, Lisa and Gary are shown to be colleagues and have been using Milo to their own ends.  What is truly a shame is that the potential for intrigue here is reduced to formulas and single dimensional characters who deliver lines during action scenes that are almost comical and action scenes that are as active as a sleeping hamster.

The only believable role is that of Gary Winston and it does make its parallels to Bill Gates of Microsoft.  What a shame that Winston, a.k.a. the Devil, is never unleashed.  The pure capitalistic evil that you can see just below the surface is never allowed to erupt in Winston, as this film appeared to be nothing more that a magnet for Ryan Phillippe fans.  Even if you like Phillippe, you will probably be bored by most of the film.  If you are a fellow geek or geekette, you will find very little here to amaze or amuse.  Waiting for the video is your best investment in this bear economic climate.


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