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The Animal The Animal

The Animal is one of those films that if you've seen the trailer, you've seen most of the film.  Starring Rob Schneider of Saturday Night Live fame and Colleen Haskell of Survivor fame(?), The Animal  revolves around a loser / wanna-be cop who has the worst luck in the world.

Marvin Mange, played by Schneider, is a pathetic joke to his friends, until an accident where his life is saved by virtue of a "trans-species organectomy".  While the resulting "benefits" include a blood hounds sense of smell, the ability to run like a cheetah, swim like a dolphin and leap like a dog, the down side is a big appetite and hormones that take over at rather awkward moments.

The science of this "trans-species organectomy" is left unexplained and justly so as any explanation would only be more confusing and detract from the humor.  Oddly enough, Mange's new found instincts allow him to become a real police officer who takes the public by storm.  The ensuing conflict with his partner Sergeant Sisk (John C. McGinley), that are a result of jealously, provide some unique moments on screen.

Introduce Survivor castaway Collen Haskens as Rianna, an animal rights activist and a love interest, and you get a few more sexual based laughs.  One of the most memorable scenes is when Schneider goes to kiss her and licks her entire face.  Haskens responds that it was either the sexiest or most disgusting thing that has ever happened.  Other than providing an odd twist to the end, Haskens is little more than eye candy.

In short, The Animal is not a dog, but really could have used a bit more of a bite.  Wait for this one on video.

The Animal

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