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Geena Davis, Aida Turturro, James Gandolfini, Stephen Rea

Rated: R for language and brief nudity.
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: March 4, 1994 Released by: Hollywood Pictures

When Geena Davis smiled at the end of The Accidental Tourist, she sealed her Oscar victory. She is one of a few actresses whose face fills the screen with expression. Her ability to express feelings in a role is greatly enhanced by that great face.

In Angie she is a young woman who believes the illusion of her mother walking away from her father when she was a young child. She retains only one picture of her mother and is told by relatives that her mother was a free spirit.

Angie has a life long friend in Tina (Aida Turturro). From childhood they play to marry and raise their children together. Tina marries and has a volatile relationship. Angie, after a long courtship with her boyfriend, plumber Vinnie (James Gandolfini), finds her life changed significantly when she becomes pregnant.

The illusion of her mother, her unfair distance fro her stepmother, and the pregnancy force her to reassess her life. She has an affair with Noel (Stephen Rea), a lawyer. Noel looks more like a folk singer than a wealthy attorney.

The first half of the film is a joyful, light happy comedy. The funniest birth scene ever filmed ends the first half of the film and the comedy. Angie's pain and torment are the focus of part two. She has a child, who she is responsible for, she doesn't feel love for her struggling son and she feels the need to find her mother.

Eventually the film becomes somewhat of a message for stability in family life. Davis is perfect as a woman in transition and she is a symbol for the changes women are facing in the 90s.

There is a little confusion what kind of movie this is. It's part comedy and part serious drama and Davis carries both roles very well.

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Angie  B                        B 

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