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America's Sweethearts

America's Sweethearts

I'm surprised that a movie co-written by funny man Billy Crystal and starring the talented John Cusack, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Julia Roberts, turned out so un-funny and un-focused.

Zeta-Jones plays movie star Gwen Harrison and Cusack is Eddie Thomas, her husband and co- star in a series of popular films.

Gwen leaves Eddie just as their last film wraps, and takes up with Hector (Hank Azaria), a goofy Spaniard with an annoying exaggerated lisp.

Eddie was still in love with Gwen and when he saw her with Hector at what used to be their favorite restaurant, he smashed his motorcycle through the glass window, ending up with a restraining order against him and a long stay in rehab.

A year later and their last movie is about to be released.  The studio needs to have its stars all lovey-dovey to hype the film at an upcoming press junket, so they dispatch a top PR guy (Billy Crystal) to perform the impossible.

Crystal calls Gwen's sister and assistant KiKi (Julia Roberts) to help get Gwen to appear, while he works on Eddie.

The junket is set at a beautiful Nevada resort, and after cajoling, prodding and complimenting the temperamental stars, they finally agree to appear and act civil to one another.

The film is set up to be a romantic comedy with the handsome leading man being dumped by the self-absorbed, spoiled actress, who mistreats the adorable sister who secretly loves the handsome leading man.  Believe me, it sounds better than it actually is.

The problem could be that no one is likable here.  The two pampered stars are cranky and demanding, the Hector character is overplayed and even KiKi, the sweet one who is ordered around by her egomaniacal sister, turns whiney at the end.

I was looking forward to this one, but the laughs just aren't there.

America's Sweethearts

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