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American Wedding

American Wedding

Don't be fooled by the last slice from the American Pie movies, changed a couple of time to American Wedding.  Though Jesse Dylan's further shifting from music video to film lacks cinematic zip at times, he seems to be comfortable with the raunchy visual jokes.

Having "Wedding" in the title might lead some to think this presumably last installment might be geared more to females.  But, from the opening scenes that start from Jim (Jason Biggs) messing up on his proposal to Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) with Jim's concerned dad (Eugene Levy).

Besides Michelle's parents (Fred Willard of A Mighty Wind and Deborah Rush) on the scene, there's her knockout sister, Cadence (January Jones, last seen in Anger Management, as the maid of honor.  Thus, the simplistic script from Adam Herz becomes a vehicle for the uninhibited Scott who is honoring his raucous wit.  Stifler is a rival of the highly refined Finch (Eddie Kayne Thomas) for the affections of Cadence, who reads Voltaire and Descartes.

With Chris Klein, Mena Suvari, and Tara Reid phased out after Pie 2, Dylan and Herz mine most of the film's ribald energy from embarrassment involving shaving, Jim's feisty grandma, a camouflaged wedding ring, and dancing in a gay bar to 80's hits.  A plan to surprise Jim with the ultimate bachelor party featuring strippers dressed as a maid and an officer has a perverse comic bite with a conniving Stifler appealing to Michelle's parents, especially her invigorated dad.

When American Wedding seems to finally hit a flowery lull, along comes Scott's East Great Falls High Michigan football coach to provide some greenhouse effect from stereotyping and humiliation.  Levy gives Jim's dad an amusing deadpan wisdom, while the quirks of Jim and Michelle are mentioned at the end, their connection isn't as climactic as the lewd bantering between Stifler and Finch, and, finally, Jennifer Coolidge (Legally Blonde 2) to add some zing as Stifler's playful mom.

American Wedding

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