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An American Tail - Fievel Goes West

An American Tail - Fievel Goes West
Jimmy Stewart and Dom DeLuise

Rated: G 
Reviewed by: Frank and Chris  
Release date: November 22, 1991

Fievel is cute and endearing and the animation is great from the mouse Indians to Marshall Burp (voice by Jimmy Stewart), but the script falls flat. Dom DeLuise as the voice of the good cat steals the show.

In comparison, which can't be helped, Fievel faces challenges in his western adventure but his character doesn't demand the sympathy and understanding it did in the original version of American Tail. He is also up against Disney's Beauty and the Beast which had the same release date.

This adventure is warm and pleasant to watch but it had to be better than the first and it is not.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
An American Tail - Fievel Goes West  C+   C+                     C+ 

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