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American Outlaws

American Outlaws

Oh for the days of the great American western.  Stars like John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Sam Peckinpah, Clint Eastwood and Glen Ford were the legends for these films.  To see one made today with a bevy of “pretty people” with an almost “rock” attitude is truly sacrilege.

This updated tale of the Jesse James legend is one that if told in the lore of the old west, could have been a new Robin Hood, but is left to die of thirst in a desert of a bad script and substandard acting.  Staring Colin Farrell as Jesse, the then modern Robin Hood who robbed trains to save the poor and abused.  What needed to be cast here was a hero, not a boy and more specifically, not a “pretty boy”.  Also onboard for this train collision waiting to happen are Scott Caan, Timothy Dalton (yes the one film Bond), Kathy Bates, Will McCormack, Ali Larter and Gabriel Macht among others.

The film revolves around a completely fictitious story and even lacks a true villain; a good western always had a great villain.  From beginning to end we see great scenery and the ever popular horse riding through a glass store front, but we are deprived of a good story.

American Outlaws is yet another stellar performance by director Les Mayfield whose previous credits include Flubber and Encino Man.  When will Hollywood learn that making seven the hard way does not refer to the number of chances you give to a director to make a good film?

American Outlaws

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