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Almost an Angel

Almost an Angel
Paul Hogan, Elias Koteas and Linda Kozlowski

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Frank and Chris  
Release date: December 19, 1990 Released by:

Australian actor Paul Hogan portrays a smalltime thief who, after a head injury, believes he has died and returned to earth to do good as an angel. Hogan is a very pleasant character on screen but Almost an Angel is far too simple a plot to be a feature film. It is much like an episode of Highway to Heaven. The cinematography and editing are amateurish and the production is obviously not lavish in any respect. There are some laughs, particularly when Charleton Heston appears as St. Peter and when Hogan removes two minor drug pushers from a teen center by impersonating an underworld soldier.

Almost an Angel falls far short of the Crocodile Dundee success. It's a fallen angel.

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