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All Over the Guy

All Over the Guy

The most beloved work of cinema, Gone With the Wind is referred to at least twice as the lead, homosexual characters of All Over the Guy played by Dan Bucatinsky and Richard Ruccolo are at odds over it with Ruccolo's Tom thinking that it's a black and white film.  Slightly amusing, but sprightly manipulative, Julie Davis' direction of Bucatinsky's script doesn't lift this reworking of a romantic comedy into a gay scenario into something better than broken hearts figuring out new ways why they must be apart.

Bucatinsky, who plays Eli, has done this film for the stage and his connection with Don Roos (The Opposite of Sex) has landed the appearances of Christina Ricci and Lisa Kudrow, two of that sharp comedy's best performers.  But the actor and writer hasn't really toned the dialogue to Davis' direction which teeters too much from the screenplay which seems too shrill to promote a light-hearted and moving cinematic experience which last year's The Broken Hearts Club succeeded at.

With Bucatinsky off stage and on-screen, Davis gives Eli a manic, moping personality for most of the film that transposes with Ruccolo's likable brawny fellow who displays a wistful side as the non-linear tale leads to a wedding of the film's two best friends.

As played by Adam Goldberg and Sasha Alexander, his Brett and her Jackie, the confidantes of Eli and Tom, respectively, have comedic interludes as matchmakers for them.  But they pop in and out like an opening act and maybe Alexander fares better with her sketchy sitcom part, like when she belittles Kudrow's vacuous voice over for an energy bar commercial.

Finally, the ups and downs of a relationship are parlayed during Brett and Jackie's big day, as tender moments become too melodramatic with Roberts and Alexander on hand to provide a droll buffer.  Though Davis and Bucatinsky can be admired for how two gay men are affected by their parental background, especially at a country club when things backfire for Tom, All Over the Guy, heard at Tom's AA session, cloys all over its wittiness in its attempt to reach a revealing closure at the hoary expense of Rhett and Scarlett.

All Over the Guy

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