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All About the Benjamins

All About the Benjamins

Ice Cube plays a burly Miami-based bounty hunter who is tired and underpaid.

When the film opens, he's trying to nab a slippery con man named Reggie (Mike Epps), who's been in and out of jail for petty crimes.

While chasing the wily Reggie, they both run into the middle of a diamond heist gone bad and are met with a flurry of gun fire.

Bucum (Ice Cube) finally gets his hands on Reggie, and his interest turns to the band of thieves headed by a scar-faced luxury boat manufacturer.  He's mad at being shot at and wants to solve the case so he can open his own private investigating firm.

Reggie is a real talker who has a quick retort to anything that's thrown at him, and if you can sift through the barrage of obscenities, what he says is often quite funny.

The movie is really a buddy comedy with the two stars yelling, insulting, mugging and knocking each other about.  However, a couple of times things get a bit sadistic, especially when one of the thieves gets shot in the hand and to extract information from him, Reggie and Bucum take turns turning the screws on his splint, while he screams bloody murder.

There's a better-than-average story involving the diamond theft, a double cross and a missing lottery ticket.

Epps is easy going and likable and Ice Cube is believable as the steely-eyed, determined bounty hunter.  If only the dialogue and violence was cleaned up, this could have been an entertaining comedy.

All About the Benjamins

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