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Alex & Emma

Alex & Emma

Luke Wilson plays Alex, a writer who owes a lot of money to the Cuban mob.  He has to finish his novel in 30 days so he can get his advance from the publisher and pay off the thugs who are threatening him.

He hires Emma (Kate Hudson) a spunky stenographer to take down his thoughts for a romantic/comedy that he makes up while pacing in a messy brownstone walk-up.

The novel takes place in 1924 and the film goes back and forth from the present to the story within a story.  Hudson and Wilson also play the characters in Alex's story.  He is Adam, a poor tutor who is in love with two women.  Hudson plays one of Adam's loves as four different nannies.  She changes in the book from Swedish to Latin to German and finally to an American, which is a relief because all of the other accents she tries out are unbelievably phony.  Beautiful Sophie Marceau is a once wealthy French widow who Adam also falls for.  She, however, is forced to marry a man she doesn't love in order to keep the lavish life style she once enjoyed.

During the writing of Alex's novel, Emma finds fault with almost every aspect, she has opinions about everything and as the two argue back and forth, of course, they begin to fall in love.

You might think that with just 30 days to finish a novel before being hurt really badly by some scary characters, one would sit down and get to business.   But no, Alex and Emma take time to skip off for a day to get to know each other better.  Oh well, it wouldn't be a love story if the main characters didn't get a little quality time alone - would it?

Directed by Rob Reiner, who has had some pretty terrific romantic comedies in the past (When Harry Met Sally and The Sure Thing), this one, however, just doesn't hit its mark.

Hudson and Wilson have a nice chemistry together, but neither storyline is romantic or funny enough to keep us entertained.

Alex & Emma

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