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Aces: Iron Eagle III

Louis Gossett, Jr. returns as Col. Chappy Sinclair, the F-16 pilot from the popular Iron-Eagle series.  In this third outing, he flies in Texas air shows.  The show features four pilots in mock war maneuvers.  There's an American (Gossett), Japanese, British and German (played by Horst Buchholz, missing from American movies for too long).  They fly antique fighter planes dressed in authentic uniforms and shoot red dye pellets at one another.

Sinclair gets involved in the drug war when a pilot friend of his is shot down with a cargo hold full of cocaine.  His friend's sister, played by Rachel McLish, champion female body builder, is held prisoner by the drug lord, Kliess, a German pilot based in Peru.  She escapes by flexing her biceps and beating up every man she encounters.

She joins Sinclair and his three cohorts with their antique planes to converge on Peru and blow up the drug supply which is hidden in U.S. Army oil drums.  Since all of the pilots are no longer young, it's like watching the "Over the Hill Gang" against the polished, well equipped drug pushers, but guess who wins!

The flying aces use everything in their power to outwit the bad guys.  They use aluminum foil to deflect missiles and good old fashioned flying.

McLish's character is supposed to be a UCLA athlete; how she ever learned to use machine guns and other methods of military hardware is never explained.

It's ironic that the audience that would appreciate this film (12 year olds) will be unable to see it unless accompanied by their parents because of the R rating.  The action is pretty good and the language is mild, the violence is the reason behind the rating, but it is not graphic.  If you enjoy flying and Gossett, who's good in just about every film, take a chance on this one.

Aces: Iron Eagle III

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