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99 Homes

99 Homes
Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon

Rated: R for language including some sexual references, and a brief violent image.
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: September 25, 2015 Released by: Broad Green Pictures

An accomplished, unsubtle drama from filmmaker and co-scenarist Ramin Bahrani (Chop Shop,Goodbye Solo) may be a little lop-sided but packs a sizable dollop of poignancy due in large part to its lead actors.

Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) and Michael Shannon (Man of Steel, Take Shelter) are the versatile, impassioned headliners with the former single dad and construction worker Dennis Nash and the latter realtor Rick Carver. A single continual take leads one through the opening credits that to some exhilarating unexpected watchable sequences.

Carver will turn Nash's life upside down upon evicting him and his family with the proceedings having much impact up to this point because of the clear, unabashed investment into these characters. As well as what the filmmaking offers for this kind of enterprise especially once a hesitant Dennis decides to be necessitous to Rick's unprincipled profiteering as eminence results in much worrying from ethical choices.

You have to hand it to Bahrani (born in the U.S. of Iranian descent) in being assured about something this germane and trenchant for discerning cineastes - from Noah Lomax as the cynical son and Laura Dern (wonderful in the last year's Wild) as the widowed single mother. Yes, there's a captivating, if oppressive elocution of methodology that gravitates 99 Homes into the foreseeable foreclosure territory. Nonetheless, it can't detract from telling engrossment on the vicissitudes of debauchery which Garfield and Shannon delve into with pungently disparate panache.

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99 Homes        B+   B+               B   B+ 

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