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90 Minutes in Heaven

90 Minutes in Heaven
Hayden Christensen and Kate Bosworth

Rated: PG-13 for intense accident and injury images.
Reviewed by: Dayra  
Release date: September 11, 2015 Released by: Samuel Goldwyn Films

A difficult watch to be sure, 90 Minutes In Heaven will not be for everyone.

Another novel-to-movie adaptation of a heavily evangelical story, makes us take two steps back from churches everywhere, as well as question the true strength of praying you're way through the bull. Don't get me wrong, this movie deserved all of the terrible marks it is getting from the basic and infelicitous dialogue, to its 2.4 minutes of what passed for the director's view of 'Heaven' (Which was honest to god, just a bunch of white people and two token black folks smiling at the camera with a backdrop of clouds and, no doubt 'God's light' behind them), but for those with a closer relationship to their respective god, this movie would be an uplifting tale about the power of faith and a human's capacity to preserver.

Pastor Don Piper (Hayden Christensen) is a man like any other, and upon being involved in a fatal car accident, dies for 90 minutes, in which he experienced Heaven. Along comes some selfish sap who begins to pray for this dead man's life, bringing the poor, broken man back to life.

Throughout this movie, we struggle along with Piper and his patient, almost saintly wife, Eva (Kate Bosworth) as they fight past their difficulties and Piper's indifferent aloofness to still being alive. He only manages to get his head out of the skies (Pun seriously not intended) after a friend and fellow Pastor tells him to "Get his act together" like that is really all it ever takes.

I'm sure I'm bias in this as heavily religious movies tend to inspire a burning anger in me, but the movie did out right bore me. Standing next to other 'faith-based' genres such as God's Not Dead and Heaven Is For Real, two movies which I rather enjoyed all things considered, 90 Minutes in Heaven dropped the ball hard.

  Frank Chris Jim Dave Nina Dayra Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
90 Minutes in Heaven        D+         D-            D 

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