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The discotheques of the 70s were places of excitement.  Dancing, flashing lights, sparkling personalities and infectious music drew all ages into the new technical ballrooms.  Even passive observers were drawn in by flowing dances and powerful, popular music.  Studio 54, on 54thStreet in midtown Manhattan, was the Mecca for disco.  Filled with only those who were admitted by owner Steve Rubell (Mike Myers), it was the place to be seen and to seriously party.  It was also protected by a savvy lawyer who kept Rubell above the law.  Studio 54 was widely known for open sex and drug use.

With all the lights, sex, drugs and music, 54 might be expected to be obnoxious and exciting.  Rubell's near insanity never goes beyond throwing out a rebellious staff member.  His weeding out of anxious potential customers appears far more to be a business decision rather than the act of a deranged drug addict.  There is sex but it is muted by today's screen standards and without Ellen Dow (The Wedding Singer), who plays an elderly disco queen, Disco Dottie, there is little passion for the place or the music.

If anything remains that brings excitement to the disco era, it's the music.  Even with a large number of songs as part of the soundtrack, 54 doesn't create a semblance of the excitement that existed on the dance floor.

It is rated R for sex and adult language.



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