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3 Ninjas

Three young brothers spend their summer learning the ways of the Ninja from their Grandpa Mori (Victor Wong).  Their father, Sam Douglas (Alan McRae), an FBI agent, is about to capture a notorious arms dealer who orders the capture of the boys for hostages.  The boys put up a good fight, but are eventually captured and placed aboard an evil Ninja master's ship.

The young brothers are surrounded by danger and excitement far beyond what was ever expected.  Their wits and their training from their grandfather are all they have to defend themselves.

The characters are silly bad guys with little dimension, and the film's weak attempt to copy Home Alone and E.T. fall flat.  The kids will love the action scenes between the brothers and the bad guys.  On this one, drop off the kids and find something better to do.

Along with 3 Ninjas, a cartoon Petal to the Metal is shown, featuring Bonkers D. Bobcat who is to deliver a bouquet of flowers across town to a starlet named Fawn Dear.  Cartoons added to features are reminiscent of the forties when nearly every show had at least one cartoon between two features.

3 Ninjas

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