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3000 Miles to Graceland

3000 Miles to Graceland

I don't know what the budget was for this Kevin Costner/Kurt Russell action film, but I bet more than half of it went for bullets and explosives.

Using the cover of an Elvis impersonator convention in Las Vegas, Murphy (Costner), Michael (Russell) and three of Murphy's cronies rob the Riviera Casino.

The flash of satin costumed bad guys making their way through gaming tables soon turns into blazing gun fire.  A shower of shattering glass, smashing slot machines and bloodied bodies are filmed for an interminably long time.  When the smoke clears, we see the full blood bath.

After the robbery and the arguing over divvying up the money, there's only Michael and Murphy left to cross and double-cross each other.  Unless you count Cybill (Courtney Cox Arquette), a sexy, conniving single mom.  The loot changes hands more times than Murphy sneers into the camera (and that's a lot, believe me).

Michael, an ex-cell mate of Murphy, is a guy who made a few mistakes and just wants to make one big score before he hangs it up.  Murphy, on the other hand, is a psychopathic killer who murders for the fun of it.

The production is flashy and cheap looking, much like its characters.  Murphy has Elvis-like sideburns, wears black leather pants and carries a chrome plated hand gun, Michael drives a red  Cadillac convertible and fancies cowboy duds.  Cybill prefers low cut, tight little dresses and lives in an apartment decorated in trashy glitz.

Co-writer/director Demian Lichtenstein could have made a good crime caper with its star studded cast (David Arquette, Howie Long and Christian Slater also co-star) and campy Elvis theme.  Instead he made an unnecessarily violent and dark film with its best scene coming at the end, with a gyrating Russell doing a pretty good Elvis imitation while the credits roll.

3000 Miles to Graceland

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