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102 Dalmations 102 Dalmatians

A rehabilitated dog loving Cruella De Vil?!!  How can this possibly be?

This is the story of 102 Dalmatians.  We begin by finding Cruella in prison and being paroled for she is a "changed" woman.  Ella, as Ms. De Vil wants to be known since the change, is now a dog lover and advocate.  The fun in the story is in watching Glenn Close as Ella as she attempts to control all her normal nasty urges.  The irritation and rage contained, Ella is assigned to a Dalmatian loving parole officer Chloe (Alice Evens).  Her kind looks and attitude combined with intelligence make for a very full character for a children's story.

The reformed Cruella is splendid to watch, but her transformation back to the evil Cruella is positively evil.  The breakdown scene in which De Vil sees all of London including its people as white with black spots shows just how sick Cruella can be.

The title of 102 Dalmatians is the result of De Vil needing just that, 102 Dalmatians, to make a coat complete with hood from the pelts of the 102 dogs.  Enlisting the help of the furrier Le Pelt (Gerard Depardieu), the action really begins when Cruella of old returns.  With the help of a parrot who thinks he is a dog, real live dogs used in the action scenes and the over the top portrayal of Cruella, 102 Dalmatians will leave you panting and begging for more.

102 Dalmatians

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